Dream Icons

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Dream Icons

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100 icons – from feelings and activities to places and items.
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behind the scenes

Charitable idea

Mateusz, 8

trip to Paris

Maks, 9

new laptop

Can you see the bubbles? These are 2 of 4 dreams we've fulfilled so far. Dream Icons project supports I Have a Dream charity foundation by donating it with profits from the icons sale.

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  1. Buy the icons
  2. Profits go to the charity foundation
  3. The foundation makes dreams come true for kids

Our Partners

The Noun Project

The Noun Project

The mission of The Noun Project is to share, celebrate and enhance the world’s visual language.

The Noun Project is contributing to the Dream Icons project by giving 100% of the profits made in the first three months to the Foundation (February-April 2015). Each month after will continue with the regular rate of 60% of the profit going back to the charity.



Iconfinder’s goal is to enable designers to make a living doing what they love.

Backed by a large and vibrant community we felt it was a great opportunity to help kids in a meaningful way. Iconfinder is donating 100% of the sales from the icons.

Fundacja Mam Marzenie

Fundacja Mam Marzenie

Fundacja Mam Marzenie (Eng. I Have a Dream charity foundation) is a Polish organisation that aims to make dreams come true for kids suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

It brings a positive change and enriches the lives of kids. Thanks to the Foundation, they have a chance to live their fantasies. Since 2004, 5765 dreams have been realized.

Dream Icons in Media

We've fulfilled 3 dreams and earned

$ 1 4 6 9

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